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Rave reviews for the Art of John Alvin book
September 3, 2014
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The Art of John Alvin book release has been greater than we could have even expected!

As some of you who follow The Art of John Alvin, not the book, but the actual art, which is represented by ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, know quite well, Andrea Alvin has been working for several years writing, compiling, and getting permissions for a (hopefully first) book on John Alvin’s career and art. It is being released by Titan Books. We have been thrilled to see not only the attention that Titan has given it in terms of promotion, but also the interest, well deserved, by the press worldwide.

We are told this is only the first round, and more articles will appear as the actual release date happens, but we are going to keep a list of all the articles and reviews, good or (goddess forbid!) bad, right here. We hope this will not only allow for long overdue recognition of John as one of the foremost artists who ever worked in the film industry, but also wider acceptance of traditional illustration not only as important in film history, but also as a viable option today to promote and brand new movies in an artistic and creative way. There is and was only one man who painted like John Alvin. He was able to do that thing everyone at Disney called Alvin-izing.

Here are some articles relating to the book release:

Some images of the art we have in the gallery and corresponding pages in the book with the art:






The reviews for The Art of John Alvin are starting to come in (as it just got released in England, and will be released in the states August 28th), and they are GREAT!

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