About Leslie

Leslie Combemale is an international expert in the fields of animation art and traditionally illustrated film art.  She is also well versed in the history of film and animation, and is a skilled interviewer.

As the co-owner and curator of ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, an art gallery that specializes in original and limited edition film art,  she has developed collections for film and animation aficionados and fine art connoisseurs both with production art and commissioned interpretive art.

As owner of ArtInsights:

  • was chosen as part of the Disney Gallery Advisory Board, and worked directly with the Disney art program helping guide and focus their retail art releases for the entire time the board existed.
  • represented worldwide clients at Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions including The Art of the Little Mermaid, The Art of Beauty and the Beast, The Star Trek auction, The Art of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and many of those specific to vintage animation art and original movie poster illustration art.
  • currently represents traditional movie poster illustrators, most notably is exclusive artistic representative for the estate of John Alvin (movie poster artist for E.T., Blade Runner, Young Frankenstein, The Lion King, and over 200 other films), as well as other recognized giants in the field, all artists who worked inside the studios or are official artists working for them, working to differentiate these artists from fan artists hired by outside companies without license.
  • has curated art for sci-fi museums, corporate and public spaces, and private media centers, both directly and in partnership with interior designers and builders in the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan.
  • has commissioned original art for collectors, the images from which have been used for official limited editions for retail sale.
  • curated an exhibit of original film art at the American Film Institute and at the National Children’s Medical Center
  • created an online educational series for animation and film art collectors called ArtInsights Collectors Educational Series to guide new and seasoned collectors and expand their knowledge of history and care of the art.


As a film critic and expert in film art:

  • designed traditionally illustrated movie posters for independent film producers and productions.
  • co-hosted the Washington DC charity Oscar event at the American Film Institute.
  • featured film critic on Russian TV through Voice of America, with over 60 million viewers.
  • writes internationally syndicated movie reviews as Cinema Siren. She is one of a select few critics chosen to conduct interviews with movie directors and actors during film release tours.
  • continues to create and moderate panels at conventions like: Comic-Con International in San Diego and Awesome-Con DC on film art as well as in-depth Q&As with artists and special guests.
  • writes articles for Animation Scoop on IndieWire
  • has interviewed dozens of Hollywood insiders and celebrities   -including but not limited to:
    • directors Edgar Wright, Ned Benson, Gareth Edwards, Anthony and Joe Russo, Dean DuBlois, and Zach Snyder,
    • actors Simon Pegg, Oscar Isaac, Carey Elwes, Ron Glass, Djimon Hounsou, Geoffrey Rush, and
    • artists John Alvin, Andreas Dejas, Mark Henn, Willie Ito, Bob Singer, and Tony Benedict.


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