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International Film and Animation Art Expert

ACES: Collecting DC Warner Bros. Superhero Art

As part of the ArtInsights Educational Series, I explain a bit about collecting superhero art from Warner Brothers. Animation art, and limited editions by comic book artists Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, and Bruce Timm will be discussed.

ACES: Courvoisier Cels of Disney’s Golden Age of Animation

I explain a bit about the history of Disney releasing production cels as art through Courvoisier Galleries in San Francisco, as part of a larger Collectors Educational Series.

How to Frame and Care for Cels

A client/friend asked for a new educational series on “Housekeeping,” framing and taking care of cels. So here it is, for your educational pleasure. Please call us if you have other questions or an series to suggest…

Legendary Animators of Classic 60s Cartoons SDCC Panel

I moderated and put together this panel featuring some of the best animators from the history of Hanna Barbera, talking about their experiences and the life in cartoons that was working from the very beginnings of the studio!  Such gentlemen and such a hoot!

The Art of John Alvin book cover

Rave reviews for the Art of John Alvin book

The Art of John Alvin book release has been greater than we could have even expected! As some of you who follow The Art of John Alvin, not the book, but the actual art, which is represented by ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, know quite well, Andrea Alvin has been working for several years …