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Interview with Disney Animator Andreas Deja

ArtInsights Gallery interviews Disney lead animator Andreas Deja about his career, working on Roger Rabbit and Hercules and, being inspired about Milt Kahl and Disney’s 9 old men, and speaking to the subtleties of one of his favorite characters Lilo. For art and more information, go to and This is part one of …

Cary Elwes Awesome-Con Panel 2014

Exciting to finally see the official video of my moderating Q&A with Cary Elwes, who has a great book coming out very soon you’ll want to check out: You can preorder it on Amazon by CLICKING HERE He is so much more charming and funnier than you’d expect. ┬áHe took time in his signings to …

Legendary Animators of Classic 60s Cartoons SDCC Panel

I moderated and put together this panel featuring some of the best animators from the history of Hanna Barbera, talking about their experiences and the life in cartoons that was working from the very beginnings of the studio!  Such gentlemen and such a hoot!