Presentations [OLD]

Leslie believes there is much to be learned from experts, artists, enthusiasts, and fans of film and animation.  To that end, she seeks out and interviews a wide variety of professionals, from movie directors, to actors, to art directors, production and costume designers, production and concept artists, and interpretive movie and animation artists, to transfer their passion and knowledge to collectors around the world.

She has also created an educational series for collectors who want to learn film and animation art history, how to proceed as a collector, or what is available in the wide diversity of OFFICIAL art created in honor of all our favorite movies.

Click on the drop down menu above to check out the panels she has moderated or put together at various Comic-Cons, including Comic-Con International in San Diego, or to watch the videos in her library meant to build appreciation and knowledge about filmmakers, artists, and the art itself.  You can also go to her YOUTUBE channel.