Film & Animation Art Commissions

Leslie Combemale can and has created images of favorite characters and films for fans and art collectors all over the world.

Artist Representation Film & Animation Art Commissions Willie Ito
Willie Ito-Master Animator
October 15, 2014
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With nearly 60 years as an animation artist, Willie Ito has done it all. He worked at Disney on Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti scene with mentor Iwao Takamoto and on One Froggy Evening and What’s Opera Doc at Warner Bros’ famed Termite Terrace under Chuck Jones’ direction. He went on to The Beany and […]
Artist Representation Film & Animation Art Commissions Steven Chorney
Steve Chorney: King of Comp
October 15, 2014
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Steven Chorney has created some of the most widely recognized images in the world during his long career in the field of Entertainment Art. In just a three year period [1983-1986], Steven created the dramatic final art for over 50 TV Guide ads, from CBS to NBC television programs, including Dynasty, Miami Vice, Mickey Spillane’s […]
Artist Representation Casey Robin Film & Animation Art Commissions
Casey Robin: A Talent for Whimsy
October 11, 2014
Casey Robin has worked for Zondervan, KlickNation, the Pac-12 Convention, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. She’s studied art and animation at CalArts, Studio Art Centers International, The Illustration Academy, and more. ArtInsights is her exclusive representative for art commissions and projects. find her at Evanna Lynch came by at LeakyCon to show appreciation and […]