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International Film and Animation Art Expert

Advice to Animation Art Collectors

2 part video set with a bit of advice about collecting animation and nostalgia based art to new collectors!  

ACES: Disney Interpretive Art

An ArtInsights Collectors Educational Series video about Disney interpretive art, the original and limited edition art released through Disney by artists including Jim Salvati, Toby Bluth, James Coleman, John Rowe, Rodel Gonzales, Tim Rogerson, and other artists who create original art of Disney characters and movies, the limited editions of which are sold at Disney …

ACES: Disney Production Cels

Disneyland art corner set ups through Disney Art Program This video discusses art from Disney from the 1950s through today, original production cels and the method Disney had to release the art, Disneyland mat set ups from the Art Corner at Disney, with images from that era, through the Disney art program that released art …

ACES: Collecting Drawings vs. Cels

Part of ACES (ArtInsights Collectors Educational Series) – A little information about how to decide between collecting animation cels or drawings, what to consider, and how to proceed.

ACES: How a Production Cel is Made

The basics of how traditional animation is made, largely specific to Disney art, with images of original art from the history of Disney.